Das Feenzimmer / The Fairy Room

The Fairy Room / Der Wald

A fairy invites you to enter her world.
You take a rest on a bed of petals
and listen to the forest's voices.
Familiar whispers, rustling and hissing.
A tree watches over your sleep, his aura
incites dreams of the invisible and
hidden in nature's realm.
Water sparkles, dewdrops twinkle.
In the fairy room, the secret of the
Spreewald gently and fleetingly
embraces you. Satin and glass shimmer
in pale shades of white and a delicate
green light shines from the transparent
sculpture of the powder room.
You may hear the sound of wind and water
and the buzzes and
whispers of flora and fauna –
a composition by Manuel Göttsching,
created especially for the fairy room:

The spell has worked.

Music from

Der Wald
(excerpt - mp3 file)

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Mercedes Engelhardt - Curriculum Vitae
1949 Born in Siegen, Germany

1968 Studies at Art School, Cologne

1979 M.A. in Social Anthropology and Religious Science at FU Berlin

1983 Painting commissions for film and theather

1984 Fashion Designer (Winner of Berlin Designer Prize, K.A.B. Berlin)

1984 Performances PICTOGRAMME, with Judith Flex, Dance

1984 Performance IM NU VORBEI, with Ute Reitmaier, Loft 44/45 Music by Manuel Göttsching E2-E4

1985-1987 Fashion Shows in Amsterdam, Berlin, Düsseldorf, München

1989-1990 Stay in Australia

1989 Onwards: temporary installations in the public domain

1993 MELANCHOLIA, U-Bahnhof Wittenberg Platz, Berlin

1993 AXIS MUNDI, Parochialkirche, Berlin, with Simone Kornfeld

1994 IRRLICHTER, Cirliones Museum, Lithuania, with Post Arts

1996 EXCHANGE NATURALIS, Art in Nature, Grimma

1996 GOTISCH GRÜN, Kloster Ruine, Berlin, with M. Liebau

1996 SPIEGELALLEE, WASSERSPIEGEL, Denkmalschmiede Höfgen

1997 VERBOTENE STÄDTE, Kiel DER ROTE BAUM internationally

1997 R.S.V.P. 34 Mirrors, Grimma, with Manuel Göttsching: DIE MULDE

1999 SOUNDLINIE + NEBELFELD, Entwurf BUGA Potsdam, with. E. Leber

2000 IN LIEBE, Plüschkreuz, Kunstallee Berlin, with D. Buchmann

2001 SPUREN TEXTE, Frauen Museum, Bonn

2006 FEENZIMMER, Spreewelten, Lübbenau with Manuel Göttsching: DER WALD


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