"I sat down in studio, took a drink, switched on the tape machine
and came up with a piece of music which lasted for
58 minutes and 15 seconds.
This track later become E2-E4"
( Manuel Göttsching 1996 )

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Manuel Göttsching's album E2-E4 was way ahead of its time
when it was written in 1981, then released in 1984.
And yet it instantly gained cult status. The proof? Over twenty years later, this
unique musical anthem has been sampled from here to E-ternity and
back again on dance floor from Vladivostock to Venice Beach.
Now, we're looking for those who paid us the compliment
of sampling our sounds - to return the compliment.
To celebrate the 2Oth anniversary of the release of E2-E4, we want to publish
all the music which has sampled this album in MP3 form
on Manuel's Ash Ra Tempel website: www.ashra.com complete with references.
Please send us all tracks complete with:

DJ's or producer's name
Cover photo if available

to MGoArt@aol.com

Twenty years on, this ground-breaking vision of electronic music continues
to inspire not only the Dance and Techno scenes.
Be part of the E2-E4 Community.
Send us your sounds and watch the list - and the legend - take shape!!!

Myriam Abeillon [MG. ART]
and Heiko Neumann [tribute-to-ashra.de]