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on this page you found all items (Sampler, Bootlegs , Collaborations , Concert Recordings ...)
in my collection of Ashra , A.R.T. , Manuel Göttsching or Members of Ashra.

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Postcard No. 1
Postcard No. 2
Postcard No. 3
Three Postcard`s signed by Manuel Göttsching
- No. 1 is on backside standing: @shra Vol. 2 is released !
and the other two postcards are the backside the same:
MG.ART - Manuel Göttsching`s Label


Metamorphose 2008 Sampler
2 CD: Metamorphose 2008
0510Music 0510C-0004
JAPAN 2008
14 Tracks , only one by Ashra
"Midnight on Mars" 06:51 min.
taken from the album: "Blackouts"
official compilation with sticker
Àme - ... Mixing
Promo CD: Àme - ... Mixing
Sonar Kollektiv SK096CD GER 2006
15 Tracks , only one by Ashra
"Sunrain" 07:31 min.
taken from the album: "New age of earth" 1976
fantastic CD-Sampler - great mix
Electronic Dreams
CD: Electronic Dreams
Virgin CDOVD 496 / 7243 8 44672 2 7 , UK 1997
10 Tracks , only one by Ashra
"Ocean of tenderness" 12:36 min.
taken from the album: "New age of earth" 1976
note: mispressing CD-label - is was print "Electric Dreams"
Ambient - A Brief History of ... Vol. 1
2CD: 152 Minutes 33 Seconds - A brief history of Ambient Vol. 1
Virgin AMBT 1/7243 83904228 , UK 1993
29 Tracks , only one by Ashra - "Kazoo" 05:36 min.
taken from the album: "Belle Alliance" 1980
Welcome to Freakcity

CD: Welcome to Freakcity - Open Air Burg Herzberg
Think Progressive TPCD 1.907.054 , Germany 1999
7 Tracks , only one Track by
Ashra - Twelve Samples 18:19 min.
(but this track was not taken from the Concert at Burg
Herzberg, it is the from Japan 1997 - see @shra Live Japan 1997 Vol. 1)

This Fire this time

2 CD: This Fire this time*
Hidden Art HI-ART 11 , USA 2002
26 tracks , only one Track by
Ashra - The Playground (04:33) **

* my copy has a hole on the back cover on the barcode - it is a promo release
** new name was given only for this release - original version is: SIX VOICES 
appeared on "Walkin the desert"

KLEM - original MC 1986 limited

KLEM - Jubileum Cassette
limited edition no. 479
released in the Nederlands April 1986

contains one track by ASHRA
"Aquamarine" 13:50 min.



ultra rare Promo Single-EP
PDU P.A.C.I. 116

with one Ash Ra Tempel track: Day Dream
(taken from Starring Rosi) on A-Side

other tracks on the EP are:
Wallenstein and two italian artists

Bootleg Vinyl: Take your headphones

Bootleg Vinyl: Take your headphones
limited edition of 300 copies
with wax seal and poster, Cat No. 1 WEISS1

"Take your headphones"
is one of the most incredible and terrible
private release of the 70ies.
It was released as limited edition of 500 copies.
This Vinyl was a New Year greeting present
from the producer of the Cosmic seesions
Rolf Ulrich Kaiser.
It was sent around to friends in December 1974.
It contains dubbings from Ash Ra Tempel, Wallenstein, Mythos... records and
incl. Beethovens 9th (presto, excerpts).
Bad fidelity.

now 30 years later a Bootleg Vinyl
see the light of day

Inventions for electric guitar - Cassette - made in Indonesia

Manuel Göttsching
"Inventions for electric guitar"
Music Cassette-Golden Lion Records M-9017

Echo waves / Quasarphere / The Fairy dance* / Schizo*

Pluralis / Interplay of forces*

* from the album: "Starring Rosi"

Paris Downers

2CD: Paris Downers , Disc Drug DDCD-74001/2
Bootleg , not for sale-Promotional copy
recorded live at Salle Wagrem, Paris
December 6th, 1974

Flyer: London, 02.04.2000

Flyer from the Re-Union Concert of Ash Ra Tempel
April 02nd 2000
at the Royal Festival Hall

and Souvenir CD Concert programme add
(no music form Ash Ra Tempel include)

click to enlarge


2CD: Krautrock , Polymedia 553 367-2 , Germany 1997
15 Tracks , only one track by
Ash Ra Tempel/T. Leary - Time (excerpt) 04:46 min.
one track by Cosmic Jokers - Kinder des Alls I 03:40 min.

Join inn (Front cover)

CD: Join inn
Russian Bootleg , Label: Private Area
limited Edition of only 500 copies
,-))) , I think more exists
Tracklist: Freak`n`Roll 19:15 min. and Jenseits 24:18 min.

or used samples


SF-Ordal (Cover - excerpt)

Vinyl: SF - Ordal
Independent Release SF-01
recorded 1982 and 1985
@ Studio Roma (Berlin)
released 1985

Manuel Göttsching: Hawaii guitar
SF: Voice, ARP Odyssey, ARP Sequencer,
Casiotone CT 810, Crumar DS 2, Drumtaks,
Minimoog, Prophet 10, Publison Music
Computer DHM 89 B2

click to enlarge

Die Dominas

12" Vinyl - Die Dominas
Fabrikneu 666 / Germany 1981

Manuel Göttsching:
programming, recording and mix

cover is signed by Manuel Göttsching

Cover was designed by Ralf Hütter
and Karl Bartos
(members of Kraftwerk at this time)

E2 E4 - clear Vinyl - Bootleg

Vinyl: "E2 E4"

clear vinyl bootleg

released 2010

DJ hell - Body Language Vol. 9
CD: DJ Hell Body Language Vol. 9
Get Physical Music GPMCD034
Germany 2010
ncl. Christian Prommer - Sueno Latino
(DJ Hell - All U need is love remix)

also released as Vinyl edition
Disco Exotique Vol. III

Vinyl Bootleg

Disco Exotique Vol. III
DEXOT 001 / 2008
For DJ promotional use only

on A-Side:
Ashra Temple - Morgana da capo
(D.I.T.S.`Kosmische dub)

Electrounique Vol. 5

Vinyl Bootleg

Electrounique Vol. 5
Electunes ETS008 / 2008

on A-Side:
Die Dominas - Wespendomina

Sueno Latino - Dumb Dan Remake

Vinyl Bootleg

Sueno 101 / 2008
orange vinyl

One side Vinyl:
Sueno Latino - Dumb Dan Remake


Label: Full Pupp FP03 / 2005
A-Side: Goettsching
B-Side: Goettsching
(Blackbelt Andersen Remix)

(The Norwegian disco master offers his tribute
to Manuel Goettsching - creator of the seminal
"E2 E4" 60 minute ambient masterpiece)

Tim Sweeney - RVNG PRSNTS MX3

Tim Sweeney

CD / RVNG Intl.
USA Nov. 2005

Released in a printed plastic zip-lock bag.

excerpt of 07.20 min from "E2 E4"
by Manuel Göttsching
illegaly used on these Mix-CD

12" VInyl: Timmy Regisford - Get deep

Vinyl Bootleg

Timmy Regisford
Get deep

12" Vinyl / TWL001
USA 2007

"Timmy Regisford - allegedly - re-tunes
Roland Clark's "I Get Deep" vocal with bits of
Carl Craig's "Sandstorms" and
Paperclip People's "Remake"
(and its source, Manuel Gottsching's "E2-E4")
for a enormous, 100% solid club banger that will
appeal to old school techno pill - headsgarage
aficionados and Balearic crusaders alike!
The B-side instrumental mix removes Clark's input
entirely for a proper Detroitian megamix."

12" Vinyl: Sueno Latino
Sueno Latino
Age of Love/Honesty 69

12" Vinyl / ZYX CC 0027
GER 2001
this vinyl contains the
Paradise version
of Sueno Latino`s classic hit:
Sueno Latino with E2-E4 samples
DJ Duke - D2-D4
Vinyl EP: DJ Duke - D2 D4
Henry Street Music HS-533
USA 1998
the A-Side contains the track "D2-D2"
there where used samples from Manuel Göttsching`s
Pluto - Rising (CD)
CD: Pluto - Rising
itp recordings ITPAL 002CD
Italy 1995
Track 10: Sueno Plutino is based on
"Sueno Latino" by Manuel Göttsching`s "E2 E4"
a tribute to...
a tribute to Manuel Göttsching
E2 E4 (1st step)
Expanded Music Promo CDR
with 6 tribute version of E2 E4
1. J Walk tribute 2. Hakan Lidbo - Fischer VS Spaasky
1962 (exclusive) 3. Lazyboy Sunday Best Tribute
4. Santos Tribute (vinyl sampler only) 5. DaLuq Tribute
(vinyl sampler only) 6. Zeitkratzer version (exclusive)
E2 E4 CDr version

CDR: E2 E4
Vinyl Factory Records
(Sony Music Studios)
not for Production

this CDR contains the
complete E2 E4 CD-version
unauthorized version ???

CDR: Zeitkratzer version of E2 E4

CDR: E2-E4 Cover version - short version (06:02 min.)
Zeitkratzer performed E2-E4 in 2 concerts with different
long versions, more information about Zeitkratzer:

here a statemant directly from a guy from Zeitkratzer about
". ..we instrumented and twice specified the piece
(Podewil and academy of the arts Berlin) - the versions were
somewhat different long, like that around the 25 minutes. We
have two versions for a video production (once approx.. 8 min,
once approx.. 10) brought in and there is of it a CD mixing,
which I believe about 8 min am long."

Sueno Latino BCM 20323
Sueno Latino GDC 2099-8
Sueno Latino DISNCD 64
Sueno Latino - The Latin Dream
feat. Carolina Damas
Sueno Latino - Sueno Latino
Sueno Latino - Sueno Latino
BCM Records BCM 20323 / MCD (1989)
ZYX Music GDC 2099-8 / MCD (1992)
Distinct`ive DISNCD 64 (2000)
4 tracks / incl. Samples from E2-E4
5 tracks / incl. Winter version 09:45
with Manuel Göttsching on guitar
3 tracks / incl Samples from E2-E4
Sueno Latino 7 inch Vinyl Int.

Sueno Latino
featuring Carolina Damas
7" Vinyl BCM 07323 / Germany

A-Side: Sueno Latino - The Latin Dream edit (03:55 min.)
B-Side: Sueno Latino - Cutmaster-G. edit (03:48 min.)



Promo DVD-R: Excerpts "Schloß Vogelöd"
Promotion DVD-R:
-Excerpts- Schloß Vogelöd
- The Haunted Castle -
MG.ART 2004
the DVD-R contains 7 excerpts
of new music incl.
the silent movie

not for trade or sale
Die Mulde CDR version

CDR: Die Mulde 42:14 min.
original recording - better as the Video version
this is a special signed version directly from
Manuel Göttsching
note: this CDR is not for sale and not for trade


Santos - Shakadelic upgrade Vol. II

Santos - Shakadelic upgrade Vol. II
KSR KCCD-336 / Japan 2008

one track on this release is with
Manuel Göttsching on guitar

"Intimate" - Santos Tribute Remix
08:00 min.

Santos - Intimate Santos tribute mix - Vinyl

Santos feat. Manuel Göttsching
"Intimate" - Santos Tribute mix
Distinctive Records DISNT168
UK 2007

original version released on the
Santos album: "R U shakadelic" (2001)

Manuel Göttsching on guitar

one side Vinyl:

"Intimate" Santos tribute mix
12:40 min.

Promo CDR: Santos Intimate Tribute mix

Santos feat. Manuel Göttsching
"Intimate" - Santos Tribute mix
Distinctive Records

original version released on the
Santos album: "R U shakadelic" (2001)
Manuel Göttsching on guitar

Promo CDR: "Intimate" Santos tribute mix
12:40 min.

Maxcene Cyrin - Modern rhapsodies
Maxcene Cyrin - Modern rhapsodies
F. Comm. F236CD / France 2005

on this album is a modern piano version of
the Sueno Latino, this was a european dance hit
in 1989 - the title is based on
Manuel Göttsching's E2-E4
Klaus Schulze - In Blue (re-release 2005)
Klaus Schulze - In Blue (3 CD Box)
Revisted Rec. REV008 / Germany 2005
first release on ZYX 1995 / re-release with Bonus Disk
Manuel Göttsching on guitar on two tracks:
"Return of the Tempel"
and on the live track: "Return of the Tempel 2" (live 1997)
Ian Pooley - Excursions

CD: Ian Pooley - Excursions
Obsessive Recordings / Logic Records EVSCD35
Great Britan 2003
Mix Sampler with Sueno Latino - Sueno Latino

Club Island Summer 2003

3 CD-Box: Club Island Summer 2003
Cream Music / Virgin VTDCDX575
Great Britan 2003
on Disk Three Track No. 9:
Manuel Göttsching - E2 E4 (J Walk Tribute Remix)

Alex J Sounds of the Liquid Lounge
2CD: Alex J Sounds of the Liquid Lounge
ZYX 81485-2
Germany 2003 , 22 Tracks
only One Track with Manuel Göttsching
"Intimate" 04:38 min. (excerpt)
E2 E4 2001 - Inspiration from E2 E4
2CD: V./A. - E2 E4 2001 - Inspiration from E2 E4
SALD 003D , Japan 2001
8 Tracks , "Tribute Sampler"

for more information about this CD: press to see more
V.I.P. Lounge

2CD: V.I.P. Lounge , ZYX AYA 81384-2
Germany 2001 , 30 tracks
mixed & presented by Voltaxx
only one track with Santos feat. Manuel Göttsching
"Intimate" (06:35 min.)

Chill House 2CD Sampler

2CD: Chill House - including the exclusive Bonus CD
of Manuel Göttsching`s 1984 Chill out Classic "E2-E4"
full lenght version 59:00 minutes
Choice Productions / Millennium Records CH-030DCD
UK 2001
the Bonus CD on this Sampler is not legal
- no rights for the publication of these CD on the Sampler , no more available


CD: Santos - R U Shakadelic? , ZYX 20602-2
Germany 2001 , 16 Tracks
only One Track with Manuel Göttsching
"Intimate" 06:35 min.

also as DVD available on ZYX 33000-9 (2001)

2 CD: Cigar Lounge , ZYX AYA 81368-2
Germany 2001 , 31 Tracks
only one track with Santos feat. Manuel Göttsching
"Intimate" (06:35 min.)
SM Trax - At the club
CD-Maxi: SM Trax - At the club
Clubland / Zeitgeist 561 826-2
Germany 1998
many mixes - where used E2 E4/Sueno Latino samples
CD: Kurt Gerron`s - Karussell
East West Red Moon CD 3984-27075-2 , Germany 1999
27 Tracks , only one Track played on piano by
Manuel Göttsching - Ode an Berlin (voices: Ben Becker)

more information about this CD: press to see more
Highway & Landscape
3 CD-Box: Highway & Landscape
Distance Music Di 1592
Great Britan 1998
on Disk One Track No. 11:
Pluto & Manuel Göttsching - Sueno Plutino (07:32 min.)
Terranova feat. Manuel Göttsching - 12" Vinyl

12" Vinyl: Terranova - Tokyo Tower
(Special Limited Edition)
All Good Vinyl AGV 015 , Germany 1997
2 Tracks featuring Manuel Göttsching:
A-Side: Tokyo Tower (08:23 min.)
B-Side: Clone (03:59 min.)

Tresor 3

CD: Tresor 3
Mute Records NoMu43CD , UK 1995
11 Tracks
one Track: Schizophrenia - Schizophrenia

this track contains illegal samples from Manuel Göttsching

paperclip people - throw & Remake Uno
Paperclip People - Throw & Remake Uno
Dance Street DST 1244-8 , GER 1994
Maxi CD / 4 Tracks
Remake Uno (edit) 03:50 min. and Remake Uno 09:25 min.
contains samples from Manuel Göttsching`s: "E2 E4"
written and produced by Carl Craig
CD: Discoveries - new instrumentals from pictures
Edelton EDL 2524-2 , GER 1989
11 tracks
one track by Manuel Göttsching / Lutz Ulbrich:
Le berceau de cristal (14:10 min.)
Klaus Krüger - Collection
CD: Klaus Krüger - Collection
IC 710.087 , Germany 1989

2 tracks with Manuel Göttsching on synthesizer-guitar:
Motorik (03:50 min.) and Deutschland (05:55 min.)
recorded 1982 in Berlin
first release on Vinyl: Zwischenmischung (IC KS 80018)
Dream Machine
CD-Sampler: Dream Machine (mispressing version)
IC 710.078 , Germany 1988 , 1 track by Manuel Göttsching
wrong Title on Cover: "Time" (05:58 min.)
right title and right duration
"Damen-Eleganza" - E2-E4 (04:59 min.)

(if you select the Göttsching on your player, you hear 59 sec. of the previous
track from Baffo Banfi - Quelle Dolce", then the Göttsching track with no break)



Sunya Beat - Comin soon
CD: SUNYA BEAT - Comin soon (signed)
GER 2006 ,v-hb-003
Grosskopf, Baltes & Heilhecker
(recorded live at Burg Herzberg Festial, Ricochet Gathering Poland
and E-Live Eindhoven)

Am Anfang; Bond`s Off; Lys trois; Sierra Nostra;
Landmarke 3; Skies unlimited; Delhi slide; Gamma Weg
Sunya Beat - Live
CD: SUNYA BEAT - The Jelenia Gora Sessions
USA 2005 , RD010
Grosskopf, Baltes & Heilhecker - Live Poland 2004
Jelenia sky; Miami; Lys; Landmarke; Gora slide;
Gamma life; Drum and bond
17 Hippies play guitar
CD: 17 HIPPIES play guitar
feat. Marc Ribot & Jakob Ilja
GER 2005 , HIP 009
on banjo and delay banjo and
Harald Grosskopf
on percussion
recorded live on the 19th December 2004 Cologne
Trance Club - Luba
CD: Trance Club - Luba , SAR 2002/02
Germany 2002 , 7 Tracks
and one Video:
" Reich der Träume - Nico vs. Trance Groove"
04:56 min.
written by Lutz Ulbrich

Promotion-Sticker for the Sky-Release of:
Synthesist / 1980

Steve Baltes - Promotion Flyer

signed Promotion Flyer
to the CD Release:
"Pictures in Rhythm"

Music for the 3rd Millennium Vol. 3

CD: Music for the 3rd Millennium Vol. 3
AMP Records AMP CD042
limited edition of 1000 copies No. 278
with an Track from:
Harald Grosskopf -
Digital Nomad (10:16 min.)
unreleased and
Alquima Vs. Steve Baltes - Encinerada-Total Restructure
(7:26 min.)

Music for the 3rd Millennium Vol. 1

CD: Music for the 3rd Millennium Vol. 1
AMP Records AMP CD039
limited edition of 1000 copies No. 781
with track from:
Steve Baltes
- The Way it sounds ( 4:35 min.) - unreleased remix from his "Rhythm of life" solo album

N-tribe - Yellow Maker

CD: N-Tribe - Yellow Marker / N-Tribe 2000
composed, produced and performend by N-Tribe
CD co
mes without cover
2 Tracks: Landmarke I 20:43 min ; Landmarke II 19:06 min.

Music for Mischa Kuball`s Art Event "Yellow Marker"
on location  at Bönen and Rossenray Oct. 2000
Line up: Harald Grosskopf , Steve Baltes and Axel Heilhecker

CEP - live (Promoedition)
signed by Udo Hanten
and Albin Meskes
Promoedition: CEP live
released at Erdenklang Musikverlag 1990
this Promo contains only one track
"Temple of mind" 08:01 min.
(recorded during their German Tour 1989/1990)
Central Europe Performance
signed by Udo Hanten
and Albin Meskes

CD: Central Europe Performance - Breakfast in the ruins
Erdenklang CD: 89329 LP: 89229 / released 1989
composed by Udo Hanten , Harald Grosskopf , Albin Meskes
and Senoir Canuto
Music performed and arranged by Udo Hanten,
Harald Grosskopf and Albin Meskes
Produced by Udo Hanten
Recorded and mixed at CEP-Studio by
Udo Hanten and Albin Meskes 1988/89
Tracklist: Zone Red , Zone Green , Zone Blue , La Mola , Past Tense , Art Deco;
The Kirlian Witness , Teutonasia , CEP Agent , M. without water , KL,
Fellini Conga , Domenis breakfast , Arrival of the rainman , Talkover
Bonus track on CD only: Mola Beat


COSMIC JOKERS / Walter Wegmüller

Galactic Supermarket SPALAX

LP: Galactic Supermarket
Re-Release Spalax 14192 / 1997 / France
A-Side: Kinder des Alls 18:54 min
B-Side: Galactic Supermarket 19:24 min
Musik by: D. Dierks , J. Dollase , M. Göttsching,
H. Grosskopf and K. Schulze
Text by G. Lettmann and R. Müller

The Cosmic Jokers SPALAX

CD: The Cosmic Jokers / SPALAX 14293 / France 1994
Track list: Galactic Joke 22:39 min , Cosmic Joy 19:25 min
Music by D. Dierks J. Dollase, M. Göttsching ,
H. Grosskopf and K. Schulze

Tarot - CD Box
2 CD-Box with Tarot cards:
Walter Wegmüller - Tarot
SPALAX 14791 / 1994 / France
limited edition: 1043 of 3000
21 tracks

click to enlarge


Concert Recordings (all on CDR /without covers)
Do you have any Concert Recordings for trade or sale please let me know:
click to send a e-mail.

Manuel Göttsching / Ash Ra Tempel or Ashra



Paris - La Gèode
(La Villette Sonique Festival)*
Berlin - Volksbühne
(Zeitkratzer feat. Manuel Göttsching on guitar) incl. encore*
Berlin - Akademie der Künste
(not complete)
London - Royal Festival Hall
(Re-Union Ash Ra Tempel)
Berlin - Tränenpalast , Lüüls Party
(45. birthday)
Burg Herzberg Open Air Festival
Babelsberg - "Radio Fritz Studio"
(as special Guest on KS Concert)
Tokyo - On-Air West
Osaka - Club Quattro
Nijmegen - De Vereeniging
Cologne - Open Air in front of the Cologne Cathedral
Berlin - Planetratrium
Sheffield - UK Electronica
Berlin - Thomaskirche
(as special Guest on Klaus Schulze Tour)
Nijmegen - De Vereenigung
(as special Guest on Klaus Schulze Tour)
Bruxelles - Forest National
(as special Guest on Klaus Schulze Tour)
Bruxelles - Forest National
(with Klaus Schulze and Tommy Betzler)
Angers - Cinema l`Elysee
Toulouse - Theatre du Taur
Bruxelles - Planetarium
Paris - Bataclan
ORTF "Pop Club" - French Radio
Paris - Salle Wagram

Barcelona, TV-Concert: "Musical express"
Ashra - Cologne
(in front of the Dome)
London - Royal Festival Hall
(Re - union Concert - A.R.T.)




Interview and music

BRT Radio Belgie (Ashra - music from album releases and concert recording 18-10-77)
RT: 45:56 min.
RTVE Television: Musical Express @ Barcelona TV: Ashra (recorded March 81)
RT: 28:20 min.
RIAS Radio Berlin: Manuel Göttsching and Lutz Ulbrich Interview
RT: 30:00 min.
DT 64: Manuel Göttsching @ Electronics (GDR) (Interview and music)
RT: 35:30 min.
Radio Westfalica: Manuel Göttsching/Ashra @ EM (Interview with music)
RT: 50:00 min.
WDR: Manuel Göttsching @ Schwingungen (Interview and music)
RT: 76:00 min + 34:00 min.
WDR 1 Radio: Die ASHRA Story (Interview and music)
RT: 9 hours
Progressive Internet Radio: Manuel Göttsching @ Soundscapes (Telephone Interview)
RT: 23:54 min.
Bayern 2 Radio: "Der musikalische Zirkel" - talk about: DIE MULDE and about other artists
RT: 56:18 min.
Radio Eins: "Elektro Beats" Interview and music with and from Manuel Göttsching
RT: 74:11 min.

Ashra Members

Sunya Beat - Jelina Gora (Ricochet Gathering Festival)
Das Freie Orchester - Session with Grosskopf and Ulbrich

* not for trade or sale