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Manuel Göttsching live at Beijing
ART ZONE 798 (11-01-2008)

Manuel Göttsching live at NY
LOVE (08-17-2008)

Manuel Göttsching
(copyright by Frank Seifert)

"I sat down in studio,
took a drink, switched
on the tape machine
and came up with a
piece of music which
lasted for 58 minutes
and 15 seconds.
This track later become
(Manuel Göttsching 1996)


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Manuel Göttsching News

a bigger update will follow step by step due personal reasons

I wish MERRY CHRISTMAS and happy NEW YEAR 2014 !!!

It's Christmas Time! - Papa Noel is coming!
From December 06, 2013 until January 1, 2014 all items from our shop are available for 20% less!

With each order you receive a free DVD as bonus.
Please choose one of the following: Ashra - Live at Herzberg / Manuel Göttsching - Wroclaw live
and if you order for more than 100 Euro one of the following CDs is also yours for free:
Manuel Göttsching - "Live at Mt. Fuji" / Joe Claussell meets Manuel Göttsching /"E2-E4" performed
by the Zeitkratzer ensemble feat. Manuel Göttsching.
Shipping costs and possible paypal fees must be payed by you.

orders welcome:

DAX TV presents Manuel Göttsching
The News Archive Dax TV presents the FREEDOMUNE Special with Manuel Göttsching.
Manuel Göttsching in a TV-interview with Dommune and on youtube.
Both also speak about "The Making of SEVEN UP", a film project that Manuel's film production
company CV Films Berlin prepares at the moment.
Excerpt from the E2-E4-Eternity concert on TV and on youtube.
Unfortunatelly due to GEMA both do not work in Germany but everywhere outsite....

Manuel Göttsching live in Warsaw together with the Joshua Light Show !!!

Przemiany Festival Warsaw - official Flyer

On the eve of Manuel's
60th Göttsching Birthday,

on 08.09.2012, in Warsaw will be
another performance of E2-E4
with the Joshua Light Show.

After the first joint appearance at
Lincoln Center New York, 2006, and
on the trans-medial Berlin 2012,
it is the third acoustic-visual experience
with the legendary troupe to
Joshua White: ,
the Fillmore East in New York in the
final 60 have accompanied and early
70s artists like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin,
Janis Joplin and The Who.

Location: Kopernikus Center in Warsaw

photos of the concert
will follow very soon

Ash Ra Tempel's LE BERCEAU DE CRISTAL live on Stage in February 2013 in Berlin!
The concert will take place February 10th, 2013 (Sunday).

So stay tuned and check this site frequently for further info.

A Rare Occasion - Meeting Manuel Göttsching

Lodown Magazine visited Manuel in summer 2012 in his historical Berlin studio - read it here

Manuel Göttsching live in Japan on August 11, 2012 !!!

Manuel Göttsching
will be performed E2-E4 in Japan
at Makuhari Messe, Chiba,
as part of Dommune's benefit concert
for orphans who have lost their families
in the earthquake in Japan
on March 11th, 2011 and its aftermath.

some fan videos on you tube
have a look !!!

abricio Carvalho (Brazil) from Astronauta Pinguim makes a nice new interview with
Manuel Göttsching June/July 2012 for his own blog - read it here

E2-E4 live at Museum Abteiberg - Manuel Göttsching live!

Manuel Göttsching live Mönchengladbach

at the famous postmodern art
Museum Abteiberg in Mönchengladbach
near Düsseldorf and Cologne.

Manuel Göttsching live
June 23, 2012

you tube fan videos

some of my photos you can visiting here

Before the concert Manuel Göttsching spoke with Düsseldorf's art channel
about music, art and life style.
Scrolling down the linked page, you can enjoy the music & maestro in a 10 min. video excerpt.

This was the second time that he performs this masterpiece in Germany - the German premiere
took place on Dezember 12, 2006 on E2-E4's 25th birthday in Berlin's Berghain - and the 6th time wordwide.


come in please and enjoy !!!


" 30th anniversary edition " MG.ART 404 (2011) - now available in our shop

  • E2 E4 - 30th anniversary edition (2011)


    recorded December 12, 1981
    in one go at Studio Roma, Berlin.

    "I sat down in studio, took a drink, switched on
    the tape machine and came up with a piece
    of music which lasted for 58 minutes and
    15 seconds. This track later become E2-E4."
    (Manuel Göttsching 1996)

    Three german radio stations celebrates E2-E4`s - 30th anniversary:

    - "Radio Eins - ElektroBeats" with Olaf Zimmermann (Dec 14th, 2011)
    - "PhonanzaFM Hamburg" with Andreas Barth (Dec 16th, 2011)
    - "Deutschlandradio - Corso" with Sascha Ziehn (Dec 17th, 2011)

  • and two articles in german newspapers celebrates the 30th anniversary:

    - Süddeutsche Zeitung (thankx to Peter Stöferle)
    - Ruhr Nachrichten


Ashra member News

Lüül`s new release will be out in October 2011!!! He is back with a fantastic new solo album

Lüül - Tourkoller

LÜÜL - Tourkoller

MIG 00562 / Germany
13 brand new tracks
more about his new album incl. three streams
- have a look here

Record release party in Berlin - "Quasimodo" (October 22nd, 2011)
will be broadcast on

AGITATION FREE - back with superb live album: "SHIBUYA NIGHTS - Live in Tokyo" !!!

Agitation Free - Shibuya Nights
Cover: Shibuya Nights

more information:

"SHIBUYA NIGHTS - Live in Tokyo"
Will be released 10-31-2012 on Esoteric Recordings EAGFCD1001

"In February 2007, AGITATION FREE reunited to perform a series of
concerts in Tokyo to mark the occasion of member Michael Hoenig’s
addition to the “Progressive Rock” section of the Tokyo Tower Wax museum."*

"This superb live recording “SHIBUYA NIGHTS” features five selections from
“Malesch” and five from “2nd” , along with three new compositions and
Nomads,” from the 1999 album, “River of Return”. Programmed perfectly,
the track sequence creates a magical, mystical tour through those halcyon
days when inspiration flowed freely, guitars and imaginative synthesizer
oundscapes comingled to conjure up sonic panoramas
of far-off imaginary lands."*
* parts taken from the official press information

My Collection News (click on the cover to enlarge)

Santos - Shakadelic upgrade Vol. II
Santos - Shakadelic upgrade Vol. II
with 1 Track feat. Manuel Göttsching

Inventions for electric guitar - Test press
Inventions for electric guitar
Vinyl Test press Barclay / France

E2 E4 - Clear Vinyl Bootleg 2010
Manuel Göttsching: E2 E4
Clear Vinyl Bootleg
DJ Hell - Body Language Vol. 9
DJ Hell - Body Language Vol. 9 / CD
incl. Christian Prommer remix
"Sueno Latino"
Electrounique Vol. 5 (Bootleg Vinyl)
Bootleg Vinyl: Electrounique Vol. 5
incl. Wespendomina
Manuel Göttsching - Inventions for ... (Music Cassette - Made in Indonesia)
Manuel Göttsching - Inventions for electric guitar
Music Cassette/tape - Made in Indonesia












Live Dates:

15-06-2013: Manuel Göttsching and AshRa - The Private Tapes live on stage
Location: Ufa Fabrik - Berlin (Germany) - at 08pm / Tickets available here

2013: ASH RA TEMPEL live in Berlin !!! "Le berceau de cristal"

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"Pluralis" live in Japan 2010