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Herzberg 1997 DVD

Manuel Göttsching
Lutz Ulbrich
Harald Grosskopf
Steve Baltes
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WEBCounter by GOWEB
since November 26th, 2001

Correlations complete / front cover box
CD 1 and CD 2 CD3 / 4 and 5

RELEASE DATE: October 10th, 2008

Tracklist: CD 1
CORRELATIONS" (remastered)
Ice train [07:39 min.]
Club Cannibal [05:24 min.]
Oasis [03:44 min.]
Bamboo sands [05:37 min.]
Morgana da capo [05:27 min.]
Pas de trois [08:58 min.]
Phantasus [05:08 min.]
Tracklist: CD 2
"The Making of..."
Paradise express [46:11 min.]
After the flood [06:44 min.]
Steamer [15:25 min.]
Tracklist: CD 3
"The Making of..."
Promotion [15:20 min.]
Tempus Fungi [22:10 min.]
Donna Wetter [26:57 min.]
DÀccord [04:40 min.]
Tracklist: CD 4
"The Making of..."
A scottish flavour [10:01 min.]
Pas de trois [39:15 min.]
No angel no cry [07:30 min.]
Ice train [04:20 min.]
The Formula [12:44 min.]

Tracklist: CD 5
Ice train [05:51 min.]
Phantasus [05:52 min.]
Bamboo sands [05:40 min.]
Springtime [03:43 min.]
Club Cannibal [05:49 min.]
Morgana da capo [05:21 min.]
Pas de trois [08:45 min.]

Manuel Göttsching: Electronic Guitar,
Synthesizer and Sequencer
Harald Grosskopf: Drums, Percussion,
Synthesizer and Sounds
Lutz Ulbrich: Guitar, String Synthesizer,
Piano and Mellotron

CD1: remastered original "CORRELATIONS"
CD 2-4: "THE MAKING OF..." (sold out release on MG.ART 203)
CD 5: "PHANTASUS" - previously unreleased first mix of "Correlations"
by Udo Arndt and Manuel Göttsching

* PHANTASUS is the original recording and mix of the album which later has been partially
re-recorded, toally re-mixed and finally released as CORRELATIONS

Release as 5 CD-Box

MG. ART 205*

5 CD-Box is available in my Paypal offer section: click to buy

Note: * CD Box in my collection is signed by Manuel Göttsching

Herzberg 1997 DVD Die Mulde